​Jaxx Liberty wallet presentation

Декабрь 27, 2021 – 18:15

Jaxx is a lightweight wallet capable of handling many different cryptoassets. Designed by the Canadian company Decentral Inc., the Jaxx wallet has had some durability since 2014. Its new version, dubbed the Jaxx Liberty, is focused on accessibility and ease of use.

The software wallet is available for both desktop and mobile devices and supports over 85 different digital assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Zcash (ZEC).

Like its competitor Exodus, the Jaxx Liberty is not open source, although portions of the code are publicly available. If you want to store large amounts, then a hardware wallet is preferable.

Install and secure your Jaxx wallet

Configure your portfolio

Receive and send cryptocurrencies

Install and secure your Jaxx wallet

To install jaxx bitcoin wallet, you can go to the official Jaxx.io website and download the version you want. The wallet is available both on a computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and on a mobile device (Android, iOS), and it can also be used as an extension for the Google Chrome browser.


Before starting, Jaxx asks you to agree to its Terms of Service.

Operating conditions

Then the program will start creating a wallet, and you will find yourself on the main screen, which consists of different boxes displaying different information. In the upper left corner, Jaxx warns you that your wallet has not been backed up and asks you to save your recovery phrase. Click "Back Up Now" to proceed with the backup.

Main screen

As the name suggests, the recovery phrase allows you to get your funds back in the event of a breakdown, loss or theft of the device on which Jaxx is installed. This is a 12-word phrase that gives you access to your wallet, so you can restore your wallet by downloading Jaxx to another device and using this phrase.

However, beware, this security is double-edged! Someone other than you could steal your funds if they get their hands on this phrase, so keep it a secret and keep it safe.


After making sure no one is looking at your screen, start copying your recovery phrase onto a piece of paper or other reliable media.

First words

Jaxx then checks if you saved your offer by asking you to.

Confirm Offer

Finally, you need to set up a password for your local wallet. To do this, go to the menu in the upper right corner of the screen and select Security Password in the Security section.


This password encrypts your private keys, which are stored locally, and thus makes them inaccessible to those who may have access to your device, including you, if you cannot remember them. Make sure to save the passphrase, which will allow you to restore the wallet if necessary.

Setting a password

Set up a password

That's it, your wallet is completely safe and you can start using it.

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